The Graebel Companies have really benefitted from Talent Mobility Search’s services over the past many years. They have been instrumental in helping us staff several key roles based in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Ultimately, they truly make an effort to understand our needs, our culture and our strategy to ensure alignment and a high probability of candidate success! In addition, we also value TMS for its thought leadership and innovative initiatives which help raise the bar of professionalism in the Global Mobility Industry! In total, TMS is a terrific partner and we look forward to building on our mutual success in the years ahead!


Bill Graebel, SGMS

Chief Executive Officer

Graebel Companies

This was my first engagement with Talent Mobility Search and Taylor Williams Smith and it was an excellent experience and the candidates that they put forth were consistently quality individuals. She was the consummate professional and always responsive, knowledgeable, an active listener and prepared during meetings. Taylor quickly understood our purpose, mission and goals and knows exactly what we’re looking for in terms of cultural fit for a successful candidate experience. She also takes the time that’s necessary to do things right, and there’s never a shortcut. She became a trusted advisor who actively identified and sought out industry professionals for the position. We know that we’re in good hands with Taylor and her team.


Dwayne Waldrop, SCRP, SGMS-T -T

Vice President

Global Supplier-Partner Management

Working with TMS (Talent Mobility Search) has been such a pleasure. Working specifically with Taylor Williams Smith has felt more like partnership rather than client/vendor relationship. I have worked with many recruiting companies in the past, but they do not compare to TMS, Taylor Smith. Taylor goes above and beyond to clearly understand our culture not just the basic expectation of the job. It has been refreshing to work with a company who really makes every effort to understand our needs as a company and as induvial leaders.


Andrean Cunningham

Vice President of Finance & Accounting Services

Bristol Global Mobility

I cannot speak highly enough of Simon, a truly exceptional recruiter who stands out in his field. From our very first conversation, it was evident that he not only possesses an intricate understanding of the job market but also a genuine commitment to ensuring that candidates are given the best opportunities to succeed. His expertise was evident when he meticulously reviewed and refined my CV. He had a keen eye for detail and provided valuable suggestions that showcased my skills and experiences in the most professional and compelling manner. But what set Simon apart from other recruiters I’ve worked with was his commitment to coaching and guidance throughout the entire interview process. Before each interview, Simon took the time to prepare me, ensuring that I understood the intricacies of the role, the expectations of the company, and the nature of the interview. His coaching sessions were instrumental in building my confidence and honing my responses. Throughout our journey, Simon’s communication was always prompt, transparent, and insightful. He provided regular updates and feedback, ensuring I was always informed and prepared for the next steps. To anyone in need of recruitment services, I wholeheartedly recommend Simon. With him, you don’t just get a recruiter; you get a mentor, a coach, and a genuine advocate for your professional growth. My successful placement is a testament to his exceptional skill and dedication.


Sugi Patel

Our partnership with TMS is great! Taylor and her team take a strategic and collaborative approach in finding the best talent for Bristol. They are an extension of the Bristol family!


Nathan Brinker, GMS-T Executive

Vice President, Sales & Client Engagement

Bristol Global Mobility

Taylor and team are extremely competent and have proved to have excellent skills in finding and vetting great talent. I have personally used their services and they have been consistent in providing quality candidates for the positions we were needing to fill.  I believe Taylor would not introduce us to anyone she would not be interested in making a possible hire of her own…..which means a lot as she has extremely high standards.


Bev Peabody, CRP, GMS-T

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Alexander’s Mobility Services

I am writing this letter to provide a reference for the recruiting firm TMS, particularly in recognition of the outstanding services provided by Taylor Smith and the entire team. Over the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of working closely with TMS on various recruitment projects, and I cannot emphasize enough how much I have enjoyed and valued our partnership. Taylor Smith’s approach to recruitment is nothing short of exceptional. From the very beginning, Taylor took the time to engage with our leadership team, immersing herself in understanding our company’s values, goals, and unique company culture. This dedication to learning about us as a client set the foundation for a highly successful collaboration. What sets TMS apart from other recruiting firms is their commitment to building genuine relationships. Even during periods when we didn’t have any active roles open, Taylor would still reach out regularly to check in on a personal and professional level. This genuine care and interest in our well-being went above and beyond the typical recruiter-client relationship, making us feel like more than just a business transaction. TMS consistently presented us with top-tier candidates that perfectly aligned with our requirements, saving us valuable time and resources in the hiring process. Their expertise in identifying and matching talent to our needs has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the success and growth of our company. In summary, my experience with TMS has been nothing short of exceptional. Taylor Smith and her team have exemplified the epitome of professionalism and dedication to their clients. I wholeheartedly recommend TMS to any organization seeking a reliable, efficient, and personable recruiting partner.


Vanessa Almeida

Vice President of People & Culture

Bristol Global Mobility

TMS has been a great partner of Landing! They are exceptional at what they do – professional, thoughtful, organized, responsive, and timely. Taylor and her team took the time to really understand our business, what we are trying to accomplish, and the types of qualities we look for in candidates in order to source the best talent possible for Landing. I highly recommend working with them for any of your recruitment needs.


Torger J. Philosophos

Vice President of Sales


Working with TMS has been a pleasure and has greatly contributed to the success of our organization. TMS has been unwavering in their commitment to nurturing a strong partnership and helping us achieve our staffing goals. Throughout our collaboration, TMS has consistently demonstrated their dedication to our company’s growth, and their expertise in the field of recruitment is commendable. One aspect that stands out is how TMS has been instrumental in supporting our journey of developing the tech function in India. Beyond their assistance with mobility roles, TMS has provided invaluable guidance and resources to empower our team in India to excel in their tech capabilities. Their support has allowed us to navigate the challenges of developing a tech function in a new market with confidence and success.


Josh Sims

Chief Operating Officer


I was very fortunate to be acquainted with Sean when I was looking for a new opportunity a few years ago. He was able to open doors for my career that I never expected and he helped me secure a new opportunity very quickly. It felt very smooth and seamless from interviews until the offer stage as he was there to provide timely advice and updates. TMS is truly a godsend as we are in quite a niche industry so having Sean and his team has truly helped mobility professionals connect much easier and faster.


Alben Ngo

Senior Director – Business Intelligence


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