Talent Mobility Search and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

As one of our candidates you have certain protections and rights under the above regulation. This statement details how TMS deals complies with such.


We are a search company specialising in the recruitment of senior level individuals within the global mobility industry. Individuals are introduced to us normally by our industry contacts, a direct introduction or we may contact the individual ourselves following a search.


Regardless of manor of introduction, personal information is likely to be given by you to TMS. This includes but is not limited to:

– CV or Resume

– Salary/package expectations

– Mobility


These items are sometimes provided before and sometimes after an initial discussion. In addition, following that initial discussion, it is likely TMS will make notes to assist us in helping you find the next role.


What happens to the information once it has been given to TMS?


We use Linkedin Recruiter Recruiter as our database and the written details such as your CV and our notes will be stored there.


Who has access to that data and is it secure?


Linkedin Recruiter is a secure site. Linkedin have confirmed that this meets the requirements of GDPR.


The only people that will have access are the partners of TMS. During our initial conversation, we will ask you if you are happy with this and to confirm in writing/email.


Can I see the notes that TMS holds on me?


Of course, you may ask for copies at any time and these will be provided to you within 14 days.


If I no longer want my data held by TMS what should I do?


If you send an email requesting such to your normal TMS contact, we will remove your data and confirm this to you within 21 days. Of course, we will no longer be able to assist you in any job search without your data.


In addition, TMS will, on an annual basis or sooner (depending on when you register with us) ask you to confirm you are in agreement with us continuing to hold your data. We will need you to confirm this within 30 days otherwise we will need to remove your data from our systems.


How will you share my data will a potential employer?


We will only ever contact you about a role/employer in two circumstances :-

– We have been instructed by a client on a role and have a signed agreement with them

– We believe that you and the client would be a good cultural and professional fit and would recommend an on-spec approach.


A number of our clients in fact ask us to do this so they can build a talent pipeline for their business.


Either way you will retain complete control of your data. This process is as follows :-

– We will initially speak to you about the role, answer any questions you may have, explain what the company are looking for and share any Job Description we hold,

– If, after our discussions and your consideration, you are happy to apply for the role or for us to speak to a company about, we will ask you to confirm this in writing (email). This will include asking you to approve the submission of you CV/resume to the aforementioned employer.

– We will ask you to do this for every role/approach we agree.

– Your details will be shared with the employer via password protected email.

– We would be grateful if you could confirm via email your agreement to the above.


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